Hello, World!

We are Amonit Studio, an indie gaming studio based in Warsaw, Poland.

Our goal is to make games that matter, i.e. tell something meaningful about our reality, just as great books and movies do. With games as a truly contemporary medium we want to explore important subjects: the human condition, moral, psychological and social dilemmas, transhumanism, possibilities of non-standard forms of life and intelligence etc. Moreover, we want to do that via games with intriguing, immersive mechanics and tasteful graphics and sound. We believe that both content and form matter.

Given the above statement, one may find it somewhat surprising that we have started our creative journey with a funky, retro-looking arcade puzzle, Dododo. No need to worry, we will get there in time. Practice makes master and hey, who doesn’t love dodos? 🙂

Our next project, however, is a much better example of what we really aim at. It is going to be a dystopian vision of the future of our home city, Warsaw, and a tribute to the whole cyberpunk genre. Stay tuned for Acid Park.

Amonit…? Ammonite? It’s a kind of cephalopod.