Acid Park

Acid Park is a world in which the player faces a dystopian reality of Warsaw in the year 2084.

Poland is the only member of the Federation of European Countries to continue its coal policy, burning fossil fuels for years against the European Convention. To make matters worse, Polish shell companies collect waste worldwide and bring it to Poland, where it disappears shortly after crossing the border, processed at illegal incineration plants.

Slums in the Free City of Warsaw

Toxic emissions are going up year by year, resulting in more scandals in times of global warming. Having repeatedly warned the Polish government, The Parliament of the FEC passes a law that introduces severe consequences for disregarding emission policy and begins the Action Programme for field barriers. Orbital generators emit beams of energy that surround enormous toxic areas. Industrial parks and cities that generate smog are isolated in climatic bubbles.

Warsaw is sealed off by a force field, separating 500 square kilometers of the city from the rest of the world. In the late ‘70s social inequalities reach a peak. Additional force fields emerge between different parts of the city which is eventually divided into zones. One of them is Zone 1, or as its citizens call it – Acid Park.

In Act I of this interactive story you play the part of Tymoteusz Wrona – a cyborg, degraded from federal positions to an officer of the City Guard – and is thrown into a maelstrom of scheme in which strings are pulled by ruthless movers and shakers. By taking a number of morally debatable decisions and forming alliances, Tymoteusz paves way to either a great tragedy or success. Whose? It depends…

Acid rain – concept art