Oh no! The last dodo egg is lost. Help it get through complex mazes back home.

Beginings are usually humble and the road ahead is strewn with many obstacles. This universal truth is marvelously expressed by our debut – Dododo!

Dododo is a funky, retro-looking mobile arcade puzzle.

Dododo – Official Trailer 2021

The essence of the gameplay is to navigate the egg through mazes by using as few waypoints as possible.

The last dodo egg fell out of the nest and is trying to get back. Help it navigate through a series of mazes – the future of an entire species depends on it! The egg has to travel through three lands to find home – the majestic Dodobush.

As the journey progresses, the egg’s path is filled with more and more obstacles and dangers, such as erupting geysers or colorful but deadly snakeflies. As a result of the adventure, the brave young dodo undergoes an important transformation.

A single play takes no more than several minutes and each new run means different, procedurally generated levels.

The game features an original soundtrack, can be played offline, is available for free and contains no ads.

This is the first version of Dododo. If you like it, see its potential, or just want to share some feedback, please do contact us. If the game catches the attention of players, we are willing to work on additional features such as:

  • multiplayer online score board,
  • additional level themes and music,
  • additional way of controlling the egg,
  • additional obstacles,
  • infinity mode,
  • more – any ideas?



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